Everyone sells something! (yes, even you)

What really drives and inspires people to do business with you? Many think it is expertise, product knowledge, great service, or competitive pricing. All these factors are important, but in today’s crowded marketplace they are not enough to distinguish you from the others who offer the same products or services as you. It’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell that will set you apart from your competition.

If you knew you could transform your initial consultations, dramatically shorten your sales cycle and significantly enhance your client relationships, would it be worth your investment of both time and money? You bet!              

Do you:

  • Feel like you are not attracting enough invested clients to your business?
  • Want an affordable and effective way to consistently increase revenue?
  • Wish you could effectively convert more interested prospects into invested clients?
  • Worry about being pushy, sounding salesy or appearing passive in your approach?

If you are like most professionals, you love working with clients, but hate the work of marketing and selling to attract new clients. Maybe you don’t want be associated with those pushy or aggressive salespeople. Perhaps you believe your work should speak for itself and/or selling is demeaning. In any case, it is holding you back and keeping you from attracting clients and generating revenue.

Solution: Learn to sell yourself and your services using an approach that makes you and your future clients feel relaxed and open. When you are uncomfortable or dislike selling, it will be evident to your potential clients. If you are uneasy it is difficult for people to trust you and choose to work with you.


Curious? Get to know me, navigate around my site, then call or email me. Together we’ll take a look at what you want to create and achieve with your business and what’s holding you back in your business. No pressure, just a private call with me. Click to see our sales coaching programs.

I teach, coach and train people all over the world how to sell and I can teach you too. Every program is completely customized and tailored to you. Learn to sell confidently, engage authentically and close fearlessly.


Thank you for a fantastic workshop. You exceeded our expectations by adapting your material to align with our company’s training module. Your delivery was fun, engaging, and full of real life examples that made it easy to apply the color code principles. The event contributed to cohesion within my team and built confidence in developing leads and closing sales. Additionally, it’s been helpful to recognize the personality styles when interacting with family and friends.

Kelly Bittner, World Ventures

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